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The Amsterdam Marble Co. Could This Possibly Be One Of Those?

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Hi All, its nice to be back. I just happened to read the article on the Amsterdam Marble Co. tonight and found it very interesting. I have three very large marbles that were given to me by a very dear friend who recently passed away. He was German and was brought up in Germany until his mother married a U.s. Military man. And became a U.S. citizen than he himself joined the Military which the Army then transferred him back to Germany because he spoke his native language fluently and stayed in Germany until almost time to retire. They are so different and have a metallic look about them. Why don't i just show it to you and tell me what you think? I just hope I can figure out how to download the photographs its going to be hard choosing just a couple

Thank you and Have a really Great weekend



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I really don't know where they're made.

Your friend,during which time he would have got the marbles?

The glass companie in Amsterdam has made marbles during 1948 till 1962.

I don't believe i've marbles with a metallic look about them.


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