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Green Ace


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Hello everyone, I think I might have a green Akro Ace, but wanted to get some further opinions on it.

I tried to do some research in the past topics, and it seems this is quite a debated topic, and I apologize before hand if I cause any uproar, but I am very curious. I found the historical Akro advertisments someone posted with the basic colors of Aces, but this is the first green one I've come across. 5/8"

Thanks :)


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It doesn't have to have a lot to be an Ace. if it has any fire at all. it is an ace. the base glass wasn't suppose to be all opalescent, although some turned out that way. it was meant to have some. i know Steph has the original catalog description we posted awhile back somewhere... if not I can repost. :-).

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ahhhhhh but i sincerely have a green ace and i know what an ace is and this one is an ace and its green, peewee.

does that make it worth more?


hI marie, if it's 1/2" it's either dug, a mistake, experimental or polished. Akro did not make a production peewee. Don't know if it would be worth more tho. :-)

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