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Uploading Photos More Than 400 Kb


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I think you might be referring to photos which are hosted at another site, such as Photobucket.

Or sometimes hosted in our gallery here and imported into the post. It's not as easy as it used to be to figure out the gallery image addresses but it's still possible.

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This is just ridiculous! I just can't seem to post any pics. I can't download Picasso there is always a reason why it won't load to my apple six. I can't even load a profile pic. I was not norn into this computer stuff it just makes sense. I going to try to upload pics to my email add I have everything I have Ben seeing here! For sale go to [email protected]

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Sorry for your frustration, Celticdruid.

I use Photobucket for most of my photos.

Sometimes I load them to the gallery.

Size doesn't matter for Photobucket or the gallery.

For attachments they have to be less than about 450 kb.

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