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Bottles To Store Marbles What Are They Called

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Hi all well I have another bottle I got yesterday I have two others I have had a long time almost when I first started so I put in my marbles and put in a cabinet .

So now I have a red one but was hopeing some one knows what they are call , they are all hand blown with pontail marks on the top dome . they are also what is called footed and have a cork to hole in what is stored . so what are they call every time I see one I buy it . Help Mike







now my new one in red .






and the worse thing about a rear load cabinet is most things get put in and forgot about for years . Mike


what is the footed bottle called a footed specimen bottle ?? HELP Mike

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I can not find the name for this bottle but similar glass shapes were used to draw out infections and boils beneath the skin. The glass was gently heated - then the open end was placed over an infected area. As the heated glass and the air in the jar cooled a partial vacuum was genrated - hopefully drawing out a localized infection.

Big Indian

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I believe these are referred to as "Inverted Apothecary" Jars/Bottles or "Show Globes".

I have seen them called "Inverted Apothecary Show Globes".

Whatever they are called, I'm sure there is a proper name among the Bottle Collectors.

Type in "Inverted Apothecary" on Ebay or Google search images.

Yours are super neat and a great way to display assorted marbles.

Thanks for sharing!

John McCormick

"Shamrock Marbles"

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Well that's what I need a name and sure enough they were on the bay . Thanks Mike


ANTIQUE emerald green INVERTED APOTHECARY BOTTLE/JAR with cork stopper

Lg Honey Color ANTIQUE Glass INVERTED Apothecary PHARMACY Show Bottle/SHOWGLO​BE

Unusual Topaz ANTIQUE Glass INVERTED Apothecary PHARMACY Show Bottle/SHOWGLO​BE !

thanks John and for sure ebay just about always has every thing all you need is the name , or just find it by accident and get a deal .

When I saw the red one yesterday it was at $20.00 so I just jumped in . again Thanks all . Mike

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