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Flea Market Find


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Thanks Steph for trying "chocalate something" doesn't sound too bad.I always do this I buy what I think I can afford then I go home and kick myself for not getting the rest knowing these marbles have been stored somewere together and only by some stroke of luck they found there way to me.So I went back yesterday and got the rest of them.I tried to get just the mint ones,the two big ones have minor damage.


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I said "chocolate something". Maybe it should be "chocolate strawberries" or chocolate red zebra. At any rate it looks chocolate something.

Yes you did ,I hadn't forgotten and should have mentioned your name but sometimes I post my messages in haste like today.I had to squeeze it in before my doctors appointment,I like your idea about "chocolate strawberries" but will it hold up with the east coast collectors? LOL only kidding,I don't suppose every marble has a name or needs one.Steph the ribbons on these marbles do run deep they are very baseball like.Here's two pics I took first without a flash second with a flash. size is 9/16"


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Marbo, thats a very nice find. I love the pelts be known. The one you are calling chocolate is one of two marbles. If it has a pinkish base with red ribbons its called "Strawberries and Creme". If it has a light tannish base its called a "Raspberry Malt". The two twins of yellow and green ribbons have no specific name just yet. Chuck G--

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Yo Bo!

The original piece you posted is is really cool.

I only have a slight passing knowledge of it because I enjoy checking out

Akro Agate items, and this is often considered to be one of them, although

to the best of my limited understanding the Houze description given by Smitty is correct.

Think there's a similar Akro unit, but it's shaped differently.

What's really great is that you found one with the guts intact.

More times than not you can only find the glass part available.

Presumably it's a cigar/cigarette/whathaveyou lighter, although it seems to confuse a lot

of people. I've seen fancy auction houses list it as "Night Light (?)" B)

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Thank you Chuck,"Rasberry Malt" discribes it well.When I first saw it I was thinking/hoping Chocolate Cow.....,Bob thanks for the heads up on the lighter.I can see know it is a lighter,I haven't had time too really check it out yet.What is amazing about this peice is how flourescent it is,gonna have to put some thought into how to display it.Again Thanks for all the help everyone.


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