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Out Of The Darkness


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I'm pretty sure this mib is from Jabo's 'March Madness' run.

The photo is my latest experiment with the HDR techniques described in another post.

Although it's no 'work of art' I consider it a huge success since this is one DARK marble.

Originally I was hoping that the multiple-exposure process would help with certain

marbles that for no particular reason are just very difficult to get a good shot of. But in

this case we're talking about a marble which in-hand pretty much looks black, and isn't

very impressive regardless of lighting conditions. So it's pretty thrilling to have found a

way to show all the great stuff buried inside! ( :


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I used a polarizing filter on this shot, and think I'll probably make that a habit from now on.

It greatly reduces any reflection of the sky, and seems to let the marble pattern come through more clearly. ( :

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