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Tornado Left Twist 16 Lobed Onionskin


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This is my newest marble, received it today. “The marble looks spectacular”, is what Hansel told me. And I agree, it has great eye appeal. The lobes are very deep, and are almost running horizontal from pontil to “pole”. And it is a left twist also. Probably the largest left twist lobed onionskin known. The size is 2-3/16 inch, and it is mint also, with only one fleabite.

Hansel told me he never seen a similar one. So what I would like to know if this is indeed an unique design.

Have any one of you seen a similar lobed onionskin? Enjoy the photos



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I was lucky enough to hold this amazing marble in my hands and I've never seen such a beautiful lobed onionskin (and I've seen many really good ones!). When you turn the marble in your hands it is a feast for your eyes, you almost get dizzy from the heavily twisted lobes. This marble is easily worth $10K, it's mint- as well!

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