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Could Someone Explain The Fold Over Diaper Seam...


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I'm not sure how widely used the name "diaperfold" is these days, but basically it is a single seam marble. The most famous were made by Christensen Agate (as were the marbles which are typically called turkeys). Single seam marbles were occasionally made by other makers (I have a single-seam Akro and a somewhat misshapen single-seam Marble King).

Here is a pair of slag photos which I thought did a good job illustrating the name. :)

SingleSeam_mandrakes.jpgSingleSeam_mandrakes_b.jpg. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . .SinglePin_SimplySerina_sm2.jpg
(I think the marble photos came from Manddrakes' auctions)

Turkey-head-like patterns also appear on other marbles but calling something other than a Christensen a turkey will generally get a lesson in how it's not a Christensen.

More pix will surely be forthcoming.

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But none of the other Turkeys(which was a CAC name exclusively for many many years) will exhibit the lines coming from the wattle area over or from a beak. A true CAC Turkey will have that feature. Here are some and some almosts? Others companies are just a fold that sort of resembles a poor CAC Turkey. Over the last few years though any fold that sort of resembles these has been called a Turkey(Ebay Marketing usually)


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Guest browse4antiques

Here's a few more CAC "turkeys" - well, ok, one is a stork. And below that are a couple of Vacor "birds". Next are a couple of crease-pontil stork-like critters. Actually, nothing can compare with crease-pontils for their birds - check the last pair. ... Roger







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