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Anybody Know Who This Ebay Seller Is?


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Hahaha!! I wish you would try doing that. I'd love to see the kind of response you get.

Here is the sequence of messages I had with the seller when I asked about possible lower shipping on this marble:


Dear scooter0305,

Would you consider shipping by first class, and how much would shipping be?


This item will be sent Priority Mail with insurance and signature to the winning bidder. This item will NOT be sent first class mail. I estimated the shipping costs at $25. The insurance is the most costly of this transaction.

Regardless, maybe the actual shipping will be $17 at the minimum. The $25 will be charged, the winning bidder will pay it, then I will adjust the actual shipping cost as a credit to the winning bidder. Anyway, this auction is not over and there are 18 over people that are watching this auction who probably will bid. At this moment, you are not the winning bidder plus the reserve has not been met.

The insurance is to cover you and myself against loss. You're not going to win this auction with your $22 bid. If you're worried about the $8 difference in postage than I would suggest you NOT bid.


- scooter0305
Dear scooter0305,

My $22 bid was just for openers. However, due to your haughty, inflexible attitude, I am no longer interested in your marble or your auctions.

If you were such a seasoned marble collector than you would know that Insurance would be required for a beauty such as this. You can't afford it anyway. Ha Ha....

I see what you have bought in the past $20 to $45 marbles. You weren't a player anyway....

Oh yea... you are no longer permitted to bid on my PREMIUM marbles anymore. I get the LAST laugh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- scooter0305
I have to admit, though, that they're probably right that I wasn't a player anyway. I most likely would have forgotten to bid on that marble too...(what's with the bold type...I don't know.)
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well look at his ID

Member since: Apr-20-07 in United States
s.gif s.gifs.gif
Positive Feedback (last 12 months): 100%

2007 to 2013 12 for a feed back what is wrong ?

his shipping on other marbles is $15.00 , $6.99 , $12.00 , $7.50 , $9.00 ,

$7.00 , $6.00 , $8.00 ,

and has 38 items listed hope every one does there home work . Mike

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