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Gotta like it!

Although the style isn't the same, I guess it's

the outrageous colors that made me flash back

to Peter Max. There was a period of time when

his artwork was on the sides of NYC buses.

As a ten year old hippie, I really dug it. ( :

Couldn't find a bus photo. Ship'll have to do.


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I hear that they don't guard those great paintings at the Met all that well. Don't even search people before they enter, unless they're carrying a bag or backpack. And they let you get really close to the paintings, like right up to them. Some psycho could just pull out a knife and slash the paintings. You know, something like that woman did who painted the Lincoln Memorial green.

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I agree with your concerns.

Not that I don't appreciate the museum's desire to keep the

appreciation of great art a pure and relaxed experience.

But I think a large number of us justify many of our actions

by saying/thinking "Been doing it forever. Hasn't got me in

trouble yet!" Which of course was also true for anyone who's

ever gotten in trouble. Right up until the time they did. ( :

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At the museum where I worked, which shall remain nameless, it didn't look like there was much security in the galleries either. But there's more than you think, besides a guard lounging around nearby and a roped-off area in front of a biggie. We had a laser system that regularly scared the hell out of people, much to the amusement of security and any staff who happened to be passing by. The beams ran from corner to corner, about 1 1/2 or 2 feet from the plane of the wall. If someone broke the plane (by leaning in to get a closer than was comfortable for us look), an alarm shrieked and the hapless leanee invariably squealed and levitated, just a little bit. They then would slink off in shame, never to trust us again . . .

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  • 2 years later...

I have no idea why you 'did the bump' here, but I'll take it.

Many years ago I went to Boston for some reason I can't remember.

What I do remember is being surprised that there was a place where

people were even worse drivers than we had in New York.

The cab driver I had taking me to my hotel wasn't so bad. But the

total insanity all around us was very evident.

At one point, this driver, who'd been completely silent up until now,

suddenly 'burst into song' and loudly did three words from a popular

tune at the time. He sang "♪Do The Bump!♪" right before we ran over

something of definite car suspension significance.

To this day, this is one of the funniest 'lines' I've ever heard. ( :

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