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Christmas Tree ??

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Not Peltier.

Might not even be a Watermelon. If it's a newer MK patch, it doesn't qualify for the name.

Edit: I rushed to the link so fast that I didn't see your comment on the date. -- to me the pattern did seem more recent. dunno.gif

Edit #2: Didn't seem totally standard but closer to the Color 1 - Color 2 - Color 1 model than to the classic MK Patch and Ribbon pattern. Not sure what to make of the base glass. Been awhile since I fished out my modern MK patches. Suppose I should've done that before replying, or at least before the 2nd edit. *sheepish*

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So fwiw, I see red ribbons on the left on both top and bottom. With a little bit of an ambiguous smudge between them.

So red-green-red on top, red-green on bottom.

And then more ambiguity about what happens on the right.


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It is for sure Peltier National Line Rainbo Christmas Tree, and somebody got a very good deal.

I agree with ya Sami. I have had some like this in the past. I think it's the pictures that is the real issue. lol

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I'm with Steph on this one.... Not Peltier.

I've been told that NLR's need to have at least one color separate to be consider a (insert name) NLR.

This, x-mas tree has no such markings. Modern MK, get's my vote.

Besides, this marble was on eBay. Only 2 bidder's took the Peltier name bait. This is all a MINT Pelt is worth? I think the world of watchers/bidder spoke volumes on it.... Modern IMO.

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