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Found These In Dallas Last Week

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Sometimes marbles show up when you least expect it. Someone brought me this jarful which has a nice alley flame totally loaded with aventurine. A few nice pelts including the shooter Flaming Dragon there, and swirls galore. Talk about making my day. Enjoy!


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You got it! It came out a little blurry. I'll try again later for you as my battery is recharging at the moment.

attachicon.gifIMG_0771 (800x787).jpg

MMMMM good enough!! Sweet Marble, the big Alley you took photos of are very tough to get a good visual on the AV, I have a few in hand they look great, super Av on most, also very soft glass, most are damaged a bit, nice bright flame pattern though, I'm just a flame pig, Dave B.


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Thanks, always glad to share.

Does anyone know who made the two in post #5?

My first thought was foreign coz of the seediness of the orange but the rest of the marble doesn't look foreign so dunno.gif

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Thanks everyone! Thank you Steph, I was guessing Ravenswood on those two. I saw a close example at Joe's (thanks Joe!!!) Marbles site just now. It seems to me that Ravenswood's brown is caused from an orange mix/blend. I have one more of these (from same jar) that has an erupting annealing fracture that almost will cut you if you handle it too quickly. I guess this color combo was slightly unstable. Anyone else seeing this on the orange and blue and white (Ravens) combos?

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Yep. Thanks.attachicon.gifIMG_0772 (731x800).jpg I wonder who made these two? They are killer. And just look at all the orange glass everywhere. All those masters are orange! Did you spot two (Master) tiger eyes?

Looking at these .....they have a little resemblance to Ravenswood.......The orange is almost like a "Butterscotch"....here is a sample of one I sold recently





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