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1931 -- The Teaser


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I just got a December 1931 Playthings magazine. It has several marble and marble-related entries. Including something from Albright -- I haven't seen them often.

Thinking about setting up the scanner for this one ... and I need to find a cat-free surface so I can go through the magazine properly. :)

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Drumroll please! hehe

Gonna post them in page order as I find them. (There are some missing pages. Use your imagination about what marvels might have been removed.)

First one I find is p. 14, a Rosenthal ad. Sorry it's crooked. I just got the scanner set up and I'm trying not to be too much of a perfectionist. :)


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Page 25 would probably be a boring scan. It has the header, "MEMBERS OF THE TOY TRADE IN THE FIFTH AVENUE BUILIDING", so it's some kind of directory and it looks like it has room numbers.

Akro Agate Co. is 420.

Peltier Glass Co. is 409.

Wolverine Supply & Mfg. Co. is 406 -- they have some marble connection -- maybe they just poked their head around the corner to make their marble deals.

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Non-marble-related reflections as I scan the articles looking for any references to marbles ...

... Kinda interesting to think about the explicit commercialization of Christmas as described in a trade magazine in 1931. Don't know when the commercialization started. Just kinda interesting to see the mechanics of it at this stage.

... And then when I see a statement like "Stores are going after Christmas business hammer and tongs and are leaving no stone unturned to tell the people that this year of all years Santa Claus shouldn't be allowed to forget their kiddies," I think about this being after the start of the Great Depression.

... And on a lighter note, one of the draws one department store used to get customers in was "Free Talkies Daily". :)

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The address for Berry Pink shown elsewhere was 350 5th. Ave.

No idea if that's the "Fifth Avenue Building" mentioned above.

The Rosenthal Company is shown as 45 East 17th. St.

Anyway, for what it's worth, I just wanted to point out that in

New York those two addresses would be very close to each

other. Maybe three blocks apart at best. ( :

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From p. 87 another ad which isn't directly about marbles but which might be informative. A Reg'lar Fellers announcement.

(Reg'lar Fellers is the brand on a box of marbles from Japan with a type of marbles whose age is still uncertain, as far as I know.)


Note: The brand continued to at least 1938, because I just did a quick check and found a reference to a Playthings from that year which also mentioned toys related to the Reg'lar Fellers comic strip. "Many interesting tie-ups in the toy field are now in preparation and, according to Mr. Lindner, will be shortly announced," it was said. When I first noticed that, I wondered if the brand lasted until after the war. Reading that the brand was around in 1931/1932, I wonder that even more.

thread with marble pics and date discussion

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Dear Steph.

I saw your ad in PLAYTHINGS.

Now that I've "start your letter right"ed, I need to humbly

apologize. Something wasn't feeling right about what I

said earlier. I think I was taking numbers I knew and

extrapolating others using D.C., not N.Y., street rules.

350 Fifth Avenue is the fricking Empire State Building!

So that's at 34th. Street. A major 'crosstown' street.

200 Fifth Avenue is at 23rd. Street.

(The next major crosstown street south of 34th.)

45 East 17th. Street isn't as close to 5th. Ave. as I thought.

Was fooled by the low number. Fifth Ave. is the dividing

line between East and West. So 1 East 17th. is just east of 5th.

1 West 17th. is just west of it. Numbers increase as you go in

either direction. Causes lots of problems.

The scans are really great looking!

I've never had much luck with those things. ( :

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Bump. I have at least one more little thing to add from the Playthings issue if I can remember how I got the scanner to work ... this is in doubt... but meanwhile here is a box to go with the ad in Post #13.

Albright A

Albright B

Albright C


Plan is to start an Albright thread "soon" with these and others which may not be from the year 1931. But if anyone wants to keep adding Albright material to this thread, that's cool too.

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Hi Steph,

I just found an Albright box filled with mostly CAC's I will get more pics up when the boxes are delivered.

The box on the left is the Albright Box. The one on the right is a Master Made Box.

I only saved the pictures of the marbles trying to figure out what the box was backfilled with.


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