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You Know You're A Marble Collector When ....


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....when you dream every fortnight that you discover an antique store with the nicest marbles you have ever seen and they cost almost nothing. This antique store is just behind a house you pass by every day but so far it has never crossed your mind to look behind this house. But it is really hard to wake up..... :(

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Two variations on that dream:

1) The garage sale where I notice a couple of old mibs on the top of a box under a table, then discover the box (about the size of an Ice chest, and getting bigger all the time) is full of old marbles and they only want $10 for the whole thing....

2) Notice a marble or two in the dirt and when I start to dig, there are hundreds....

At least I wake up with a good feeling.!

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when you go digging in dirt full of glass shards and rusty metal pieces of scrap mixed among bricks and mud and you pull out the gems

sometimes just a few but sometimes hundreds and maybe even thousands find their way home to u

u bleed some, lose some skin, get really sore from digging but in the end he has the most wins

steve lol

u have to b a real digger to understand

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EdNargel's first picture kind of eluded me too.

On my setup the photo was a little dark.

I tried to save it as a photo file in the hope that

I could lighten it up and get a better look, but

the way it was posted wouldn't let me do that.

It still looks interesting. ( :

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