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1-7/8" Eye Candy


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No doubt they're both great!

(And just between you and me, Mike seems like a nice humble guy,

but he has a lot of influence. If he wants ten more pictures, you

really ought to do it.)

Just kidding, and I apologize to both of you for being goofy tonight.

On a more serious note, we were talking about black glass recently,

and how the color can vary. Any chance you could aim a nuclear

beam at the black stripe and see if it has a 'tinge' to it? We were

talking about non-marble Akro pieces before, which are a little

easier to deal with, but if it can be done with a marble, that would

be interesting. Does black glass really exist? ( :

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Not delving into the black/not black thing any more than I already have in another chain of posts not too long ago -- but I have to say the old German swirls that have black, have black that is really BLACK. I mean, no matter what light you put on or through them -- the black is black, not very dark purple or blue or green or . . . just black.

At least on the ones I have and have seen in person.

Of course there's always a first time . . .

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