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I was warned away early on, from talking to people about their marbles on ebay. I would see ebay listings mocked and made fun of with all kinds of childish remarks over on KR's marble website. I posted why does no one try to help these people and the consensus was it was not worth the time as some would get outright hostile,argue and possibly cause you backlash down the road or frustration over a random person not taking the knowledge of.....another random person

I still find the time to help if I am able.

I messaged this seller and referenced this thread. This thread where no one has said anything untowards,mean or crass.

He felt bad that his remarks in his listing were seen in the light by one member and wanted to explain

His response was to my message that he need not let the bullies upset him. This hobby has far more cynical people than one would think and people will make threats that if A is B then I will XX. I told him to not get stressed and understand there are many good people who collect for the purity of the hobby and those same people would be bidding. I reached out to him because I saw what you saw. Remarks that indicated he was being harassed or bullied and I felt someone needed to help him feel a little less like he was under attack.

I apologize if the seller is worried that i posted his message. I think people sometimes forget the guy on the other end is human as well.

I think the responses,remarks and input in this thread were in good taste and structured to discuses a really nice looking marble as well as pose questions where people whom have had great practice with polished marbles were able to give input of reassurance, where as I can only image the remarks made on the other website based on how tacky and childish some seemed to get.

Dear scattered,

I have to say,....... THANK YOU !!!
You really helped put my mind at ease. I Too thought some people were being ridiculous!!
it is a rare marble so I understood the interest.
anyway, the gentleman that retracted, he sent up red flags from the get go so I am pretty happy I am done with him and his games.
thanks again for taking the time to send me a message.
I really appreciate it.
I went on Marble Connection ,after reading some of the replies, I have to say, I was not trying to sound unhappy or rude in my replies on eBay, I just heard that some of the buyers were snakes and that they would try to pull shady moves... I wanted THEM to be aware, I would not put up with any bull.
Didnt mean to offend the honest true collector.
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It's a little smaller when measured as to the size given in the initial description. 1-3/8ths" instead of 1-1/2". Got over an hour to go but I think it's pretty well maxed out in price, mainly on count of it's size. Be interesting to watch the last 5 minutes of the auction. If there's 3 bidders waiting on it that really want it, it could go for a whole lot more. Ronnie

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I though this marble would go for more, in the $10.000 range. But I think to bid so high, one would like to see the marble in person. In this case, the pictures were good enough to buy it unseen in my opinion. I could not detect any damage at all, but of course some subsurface reflextions could stay invisible on even the best photos.


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