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Found A Wild Cat


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well I would call it a German sparkler for sure and a super one at that ,as far as Oxblood well that is what that red would be called . we do call a lot oxblood if the color is a nice red , mostly the sparklers are a single flat insert , or as some would call a German cat eye . when they get expander they about the best for viewing , and if you want to get things going just call it a German Popeye , I got most of mine out the the bags hard to see in the bags and I had a few so sold some one the bay keeped one and show a lot of them . I love your marble .

"Yes Euro sparkler,but "wild euro sparkler ",that does not sound good."

so I think it should be call a hybrid German popeye , wonder if this will stick just do a search on the internet in a few days and see what showes up ?? Mike










and yes today it is raining out side . Mike

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thanks I saver the pics but all mine came from the german bags I have a picture of the one I have still unopened , I wonder what monick means may be Bert Cohen would know as I think he had some one in France finding him marbles / related a I know he has a hugh collection of post cards from France ? Mike

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It looks like ox-,it's a nice deep red.

Thats the "cleanest" one Ive ever seen Winnie...Here's one of mine....I always thought it was oxblood as well




Here are some other Euro cats, sparklers and swirls......(disregard the one on the far right... its still under investigation as a figure 8/foreign/Peltier)


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