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Nice Old Marble Game


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As I prefer German hand made marbles I was thrilled to find this old game complete with marbles a few weeks ago, it came out of England. My granddaughter loved it this weekend once she realized you had to think ahead on jumps. She managed to get down to 3 marbles. Marbles are not quite pee wees and the board is only 9 X 9 inches.

All my best ......... Danny


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The term used for the game boxes they came in is "game compendium". If you search auctions, especially in England, you can find them for sale sometimes, occasionally with the marbles included. When you find them in the game compendium, the marbles are usually onionskins, not swirls, which I've always found kind of odd. They also tend to include checkers (draughts), whist, horse racing game, chess, and various counters, dice and chips. Occasionally these boxes are referred to as Captain's Game Sets, under the belief that they were carried by ship captains in the late 19th century. There are too many of them around to be solely ship captain sets. These were sold by stores in England, such as Ayres and Lillywhites and the middle class (which was increasing in wealth in the late 19th century) had them in their parlors (same as the larger round solitaire sets).

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Thank you all for your replies it has helped me out quite a bit. I agree that some of the marbles seem to be same cane, both in the white and the yellow latticino.

Bob and Istmmrbls I am glad and sad from what you said .......... Sad because now I have to see if I can't find a complete set.

Thanks again ............. All my best ........ Danny

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