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Marble Measuring Tool


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The tool is called a digital caliper and as said they can be found online I have them on my website www.lopacki.com I expect they can be found on Amazon for less than I sell them for, perhaps as little as 15.00

All my best ....... Danny


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Best one I have used is a digital caliper. Measures in inches both reg and . Ex 1/2" and .500. Also measures in millimeters. Get the 3" size. It's small enough to carry in pocket. Make sure it plastic as metal ones can scratch the marble.

Here is one I am talking about. http://www.ebay.com/itm/CALIPER-CARBON-FIBER-DIGITAL-3-GENERAL-1433-FRACTIONAL-/200584590486?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2eb3c5f496

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A 3" size caliper is handy for small marbles, but its jaws may not be long enough to encompass a large marble.

I have no problems carrying a full size caliper in my (shirt, not deep) pocket but still seem to loose them on a regular basis.

Not a problem, as the cheapest versions are as accurate as the expensive ones.



They all come with an attached vernier scale, which allows you to measure to 1/128 of an inch.


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