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Thanks Galen@!

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Thank you for the gift of the Marble King Rainbows and Bees

The Bees ended up in my newest project Jar :)

The Rainbows went into the newest Rainbow jar lol

I feel bad the box I sent you ended up lost at your house. I am going to look in my bags and find you some more. I know I have some stripped Opaques here in 1 of the bags :)

Also, the pair of master boxes, incredible :)



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Glad you like them. Only the second package that I have not received. Still hoping Pops put it some where, but the way the packages are just left on the porch there is always the possibility it was taken.

That would be sad.

As I said, I have found a few CACs. Some I purchased last month because they had Oxblood in them lol

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