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Id On A Contemporary Signed John ????? 2 Inch


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Hi all just wondering if any one has an idea who might have made this as it is headed to the bay but would help if I had a name to go with it , looks like the end of a cane ?? has lutz and is 2 inches in Dia , I can make out the John part I think but what is next >?? Thanks in advance . Mike













help how many johns are out there ?? Mike

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well I got an email from John Davis and what I have is a marble from the Margaret L Davis collection

Mike, I believe that is the first off cane marble I made from a cane that was used in the first Margaret L Davis marble collection. A total of 3 marbles made, One for the collection, one for myself and the first off cane marble which I think you have. I just can't remember it being 2". In any case, thanks for the quick reply. John



I still now have to figure out how I got it ?? does any one have any pictures of the first Margaret L Davis marble collection I did a little searching but all I could find out is that they were sold out . Mike

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Bo Stiff had one (Margaret Davis set). His entire collection was stolen. You possibly bought it from the thief or someone the thief sold it to. I can't imagine anyone breaking up the set, but anybody with a set could have broken up their set. I'd never break up mine, but who knows what will happen to it when I'm dead.

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