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Morphy's Auction

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Called Morphy's and found out that the pair of oxblood corks had a reserve on them. Then I was told that I had won another lot besides the lime-ade oxblood...a 3/4 hybrid popeye! So I had them combine the invoices and paid with my credit card. I have yet to see an invoice for this second mib. And I am skeptical of the combined amount. LOL We shall see!


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I think the Value estimate they use is borderline silly.

They take a number, then double it.

Called baiting and making a shot in the dark.

Like this


That marble went a bit over what I felt it was worth, but they had it as a POSSIBLE 250.00 marble. Who does their guess-work ?

And take this one


I seriously think 2 guess shrug and toss a random number, then double it for the second number :)

Their "Assumptive" pricing scared me off of 2 lots that I saw the a few days before and would not bid on BECAUSE of their guesswork which was why it was far from my mind when the auction went live.

I know people will defend it, but it's not just marbles and It is CLEARLY not based on past sales. I think they try to GUIDE people in a price range THEY want to be in just like many houses do across all levels of items. I have won items on Heritage that they had for over 10x my winning bid and I KNEW what the value was down to the dollar :)

Oh well, lot of people making scary posts about this auction, may be a good thing I didn;t follow it.

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I look at the estimate to get a lol but I don't care. I just bid for amount I want. Same as if was ebay. Actually, some of the negativity helps bring down some prices for some items. For which I am grateful. For those that didn't bid higher on lot 53 and 171 I want to express my gratitude. Thank you.

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good question, how many are out there? I've maybe seen one at a marble show since 1991, super rare. We all know there are zillions of the other comics, I dont understand why they are priced so high because they are super easy to get. maybe some of the odd colored ones I can understand higher prices, but the the others are wayyy over priced.

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I believe the Peltier ID may have been wrong.

oh, i know it was wrong galen .. but what a blooper for morphy's .. marble i.d. experts to make. and who paid this amount for the marble ??? all of mine from alan never came close to this price. none ... wonder if any of morphy's people ever come here and see what collectors think of their tactics ?? .. :character-smileys-238: ........... bill

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That Master loaf really took off. Almost $6000? because of the blue patch? Ive seen these go for like $1000. The strike is really good though? anyone care to elaborate?

i would think it was the blue. white is normal, and there's green .. orange .. a tannish ... a man from il. has what is believed the best know examples of all the comics. the rarest .. his grandmother packaged them .. :happy-857: ... bill

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The Cotes was crazy price. Patch is black with just bluing at edges. No AV. Has 2 blow outs and a couple ticks. Good transfer though. I would put a 1200-1500 est on it.

A couple years ago that IL. collector was able to buy a Cotes with a blue patch with very heavy AV and only a couple ticks. It was the best I have ever seen. He got it here from a Cali collector. I and another Cali person turned it down because comics is one part I don't usually touch. I kick myself now but happy it has a great home.

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