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Getting In The Holiday Spirit .....


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Cats are Okay, in cages or inside locked homes. And I have never been more serious. As a graduate of Wildlife management every time I see a cat running loose outside I wish it could be trapped and sent to a home that would keep it in the house..or ktnlfrwts..http://www.wildlifeextra.com/go/news/feral-cat-US.html#cr

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Come on now, I was getting in the Holiday spirit. My Christmas wish is no loose roaming cats, crapping in my flower beds, harassing and eating the local birds, lizards and snakes and Hollering all night long. How peaceful it would be if every cat was locked in a home..Merry Christmas to me


That Galen guy sure is a FT#%&*GVH

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Thanks so much !! That was wonderful !!! I have a pic of my own antique store kitty peeking out of the Christmas tree. Your video brought back lots of memories. !!!! Here he is all grown up !!! and doing what he does best. KeeKee the Kollectible Kitty and future hero of a children's book !!!!!!


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