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Glass Slides With Marble Playing


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Wowzer! Those are fantastic!

Check this page out for the "ALL THE WINNERS" slide:

LUCERNA the Magic Lantern Web Resource - EATON, W.A. (1848-1915)

Sounds like the slide was shown to the audience while someone read the poem.

Another link ... where you might be able to get the text: The Magic Lantern Society, Slide Readings Library

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Huh! Tried to reply last night but I guess it didn't happen.

Knowing me, I probably 'previewed' and forgot I hadn't 'posted'.

Boy, these are just crazy-cool!

Any idea what the deal is with the color one?

I'm guessing it must be hand-colored, but don't really have a clue.

Not sure if I'd want to subject that one to the heat of 'projection'. ( :

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I need to make up some word which can be posted in threads that we want to archive in the future, so that I can search for them easily after the thread slips to the back pages.

What would be a good word? :)

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