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Some Digging Finds


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Hi Guys

havent had any spare time leading up to christmas have had a pretty big job on so no hunting around for me so pretty thankful for the Christmas break and the chance to go have a look around so headed of up to the city bright and early this morning took me a couple hours to find a suitable site but finally found an old place set for demolition

Pretty happy with my finds and thought id share 01.gif

pics are pretty average i wasn't that good before and now im a bit out of practice 34.gif


Few ive not found before and condition is real good for a change


German wire pull i think




What about the the as made`s on this character





This one here is a crack up the whole marble is twisted


hope crissy is going well no looking for Mibs tomorrow taking the daughter fishing with her new fishing rod

Cheers Craig C

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Nice finds!

I think European for sure on the wire pull. Might be Dutch.

That blue/yellow/red on white at the top of your first picture is quite interesting to me. Looks like Figure 8. Not sure I've seen those colors on one before though. Nifty.

And the red with the nine and tail is sweet.

About any as-mades, I'm afraid the reflections might be getting in the way of the features I'm supposed to see. I'll stop talking now. :D

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Yes the Reflections :P Due to popular demand have decided to bring my photo operation back inside ^_^

Thanks for the reply Steph :) I reckon you might be onto something in regards to the wire pull Winnie has posted some beautiful similar mibs

Hear is a pick of the " Fig 8 " ? the couple like this ive found before have only had the 3 colours



The as made`s The Crease and cold rolls



The crease on the red


Craig C

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Is that the same red as the one with three views in the first post?

With creases like those, I tend to think Japanese.

As to the Figure 8, usually they're two color marbles ... like white ribbons on a blue base, for example. Figure 8 refers to how the ribbons angle in toward each other at the seams instead of being as nearly parallel as Peltier Rainbo ribbons might be. They'd be non-US marbles. But I'm not sure where they're believed to have been made.

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The yellow/blue/red one,i'm not sure off if it's a fig8.

The construction looks like the fig8,but i've not seen them before with that colors.

I was told they have been made in Japan.

The last one from post 3,i believe is a German transitional handgathered,a nice one,it looks like it has a straight short line,isn't it?

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I have seen a few folks at shows arguing that these were Peltier marbles. I believe they are Foreign and have nothing to do with Peltier. Very similar to the figure 8s but I believe they are from a different (more recent?) manufacturer. I may be mistaken but I believe Chuck may have been at one show in So Cal. that these type marbles were at.

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Thanks Duffy

Hi ive just given them a rinse under the tap and dried em with an old t shirt

were pretty lucky with the soils here in Town very sandy and well drained not many are frosty some bottles are but i think its more to do with the type glass used by the different manufacturers and whats chemicals are in the tip with them

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Hey Craig!

Really like that first one in post 3 and the others

you show with it 'in hand' in a later shot.

(In hand! I made a marble funny! Well, maybe.)

They make me think of actual beach-balls, although I don't

mean to be confusing. Think I've heard of other marbles

with that name, but don't remember them. I just like the

simple patterns with 'happy' bright colors.

Would also like to ask Mark if 'trash pits' refers to what I'd

loosely call a 'dump-site', or if it's something more specific.

Was informed recently that there've been several dump-

sites in the woods around my location within the past 80 years

or so, and wondering if I should be exploring. Friendly with

the owners, so it would probably be okay.

Paul (idigjars) turned me on to the idea of 'privy-digging' recently,

and it's pretty clear I'm a total newbie with this stuff, but the whole

idea of 'buried treasure' makes me feel like a young kid again.

Here's a link for anyone who thinks this might be interesting.


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Man I hope I get to dig something up one of these days!

Really like the 'rootbeer' coloring of some of those.

And the extreme contrast of what I'll

call the 'half-and-half' is great. ( :

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