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Hello everyone,

I'm Stefan and i started collecting marbles just a year ago. Well, this isn't exactly true, i started as a child, when i got my first one, but back then it wasn't the "clean-them-and-put-them-on-a-shelf"-collecting :-) I played a lot with marbles and built a lot of marble runs with everything i could use :-) Today, i'm collecting mostly Handmade Marbles. My collection isn't very big or special, but i like every single marble, because everyone is unique and looks different from the others. I have attached pictures of three of my favourite ones in my collection.

I also have a little collection of Contemporary Artist marbles, i have chosen my favourite one from Steve Maslach as my Avatar Picture

I am hoping to learn here more about those little colorful glass spheres for which i give away way to much money :-)

Greetings from Germany to all of you!





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