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How Cold Are You .


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there closing Schools for Tuesday Jan and were out this morning and it was the coldest my Vibe was ever in . not bad as long as you are not out side . was minus 15 and then 6 miles later went down to minus 16 , at the Village hall out side sign they said -17 . Mike



well did not want to take marbles out side so Here is from a few years ago .


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Here in Augusta Wi, on the shores of beautiful Lake Eau Claire it is a balmy 22 below zero, actual temperature...thank God we don't have a wind like we did the other day !!!! I'm tucked in on my couch with a blanket , my dog King Arthur warming my feet, and my laptop. A man would be better but beggers can't be choosers.!!!

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Geesh. Just tuned into this thread to report that it's going down to 7 degrees tonight.

Not very impressive to most of you here! It'll be a fast and furious drop from 50.

Will definitely be putting the trickle charger on the old truck battery. ( :

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It would be nice to have some of the cold from the USA here in the Netherlands! Today we had +14,6 degrees centigrade. The warmest 6th December ever recorded. I like ice skating, and next week it should go below zero here! So I hope for a little winter fun on ice.


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its 3 below here on the river at 6pm...coldest since 94 tonight gonna be -12 with a breeze thatll make it 50 below...I don't like it at all...hey miser..leave your faucets run a little over a drip...I gurantee it wont freeze...and hot water pipes freeze before the cold does..

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Been in New Mexico for over thirty five years and for 22 of those years at an elevation of 7400 ft. During this time period it was not unusual to see -15 to -20 this time of year. We moved south and down to 5,000 ft thirteen years ago, last night we hit 12 degrees .......... Gotta love living in the banana belt. We go to Tucson for a two week show at the end of the month and it is usually very nice there that time of year.

everyone stay warm .......... All my best ........ Danny


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It's too hot in Europe, and too cold here!

This is pretty strange. The End is near!

Well, maybe I'm just being a little paranoid. :blink:

If I translated correctly, jeroen's figures are 58 degrees F

today, and hopefully below freezing next week.

That's right. 0 degrees is 'freezing'! Kind of makes sense!

But why should we have to deal with a much more logical

system that's used by 95% of the world? :rolleye-842:

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I feel for all you guys in the cold. We had an odd cold snap come threw a few weeks back but still it was at least in the teens. Pretty cold for here. Since then it has been in the mid 40's. I work outside year round, those couple weeks we had were no fun. Pretty sure no one is working outside in much of the country this week. Stay safe everyone. =}

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We made it down to 3F last night.

In the 20s today, supposedly up

to 30 tomorrow, and almost 40 the next day.

At least on the States' Eastern Seaboard the

whole 'nuclear Arctic volcano' thing was a bust.

Just a semi-record quick overnight low.

I will say the sound of the wind was haunting and unusual.

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On the Jersey Shore last night 4 degrees (w/ windchill - below zero). this morning 7 degrees (w/ windchill - below zero). And a whopping 14 degrees this afternoon.

(Right now) Tonight it's 11 degrees (w/ windchill - 3 below zero). As the wind whips off the ocean.

:o Two days before Christmas we brake a heat record. It was 73 degrees and I was thinking how f_cked up is that.

:ph34r: Then two weeks later we brake a cold record. 3 degrees. :confused-smileys-327:

Yeah I heard it's going to be in the 50's friday. :cool-smileys-262:

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I hadn't thought of that.

Wasn't all that impressed by the cold, but put

it together with how recently it was hot and it's pretty crazy.

I used Steve's 'drip' idea for pipe preservation.

It didn't 'not' work, so I like it.

If you have a couple empty 5 gallon buckets, you extra-green

people can do it in the shower. Then you can use the water

for laundry or flushing or whatever.

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heat wave 10 degrees and that is warn enough for the turkeys to walk around looking for food , one even jumped in the crab apple tree , they were around most of the day but when it sat in the tree well had to take a few pictures , I was doing that any ways as I am getting a few ready for the bay . just turning some of the 2400 from before Christmas, that is a whole another story . any ways here it is just hanging around with turkeys . Mike

well I took 20 pics but here are only a few





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