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Marble Id Contemptorary May Be Jm J Meyers 7 Twist Wrap


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well here are two marbles I fell in to one is marked JM so is that J Meyers ?? and then there is the other Red White Blue marble for some reason I am guessing also my JM ?? it is a wild 7 twist on stringers or red white and blue I count the wraps of the blue to come up with the number of seven so any ideas , the smaller one is marked JM and is about 1 1/16 in size and very nice finish being well rounded and smooth , the multi twist being about 1 1/4 is wind in its design but as far as finish o the bumpy side not bad but with the feel of not finished in a mold but very round and might have some heat issues when making ?? so is that why it is not signed as not happy with the out come ?? so let the ideas come . Mike





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I don't know the work of J Meyers, so can't comment. You might ask Dani. JM early on could have been John Miller (Hamon) before he started using his mom's name heritage. The problem with that is that I have never seen a Hamon family marble with "messy" pontils. they are always neatly spiraled to a close at each end. I really don't know who might have made this marble.

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I got an email into Bert see if he replies with an answer , I fund two listed on the bay and asked but they also have no idea . but what about that 7 twist one as I count the blue line and came up with 7 , ?? these were with the lot of 2400 marbles I got before Christmas so far most of the new ones are gone / sold on the bay well only 2,000 sold so far .




If I find out who made these they will end up there , Mike

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HI Bert sent me this

could be could be Jeff Mentuck, Justin McMillen, or John Madden from co., now for the search to find this signature . Thanks Mike

this came up under Jeff Mentuck not a marble and the signature does not match

Fantastic Jeff Mentuk / Marblehead American Studio Art Glass 6 1/2" Cabinet Vase









well now that all these pics are here and I keep the album if any one searches these name these will be here on the inner web .. Mike

I did find one marble with the same signature but the seller has no Idea who or where or even if the name is correct . and he is calling it

Handmade by J. Meyers. Marble is Signed: "JM". This marble measures 1 1/16. This is a Very Interesting and Pretty marble originally purchased in 2002. It consists of a two layered random swirl in shades of Blue and Yellow. There are various insets around the marble set in clear glass windows. Very interesting design from a Fine Artist. (229979) This is a great example of work from J. Meyers.
And Bet did not say J. Meyers.


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