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Your First Marble!


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I just found my very first marble and thought this could be funny :D

Do we already have a topic like this? If not, show your first (collectors) marble! How long do you have it? Where did you get it?

I got this one when i was 5 or 6 years old... i still remember when my father bought it for me :D We were at a museum in Munich and i was allowed to choose a souvenir from the museum shop. I played a lot with that one but i always took good care not to damage it. Ah, those memories :D


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Hey Stefan!

I can see why you would want that marble.

There's a lot going on in there!

On my screen the photo was a little dark, so if you don't mind, I'm

going to lighten it in case anyone else had this problem.

My first marble was a Peltier 7up.

I like 7up bottles and was searching for them when I saw someone

who was selling a marble with the same name. The rest is history. :rolleye-842:

Can you post a photo of your avatar?

It looks like a very delicate and spectacular marble. Thanks. Bob

[Robert Weber. Also German if you go back several generations.] :)


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The first marbles I got which I would have wanted to keep were in the Champion Bicentennial Bag. I got it in my Christmas stocking. It had assorted sizes of clearies, from boulders down to adorable peewees. I guess they were lost in a move.

This might be the first interesting marble I got when I started collecting as an adult:


I wanted it to be a paper mache ... but the blue and yellow turned out to be paint. I've seen one other like it. Still don't know the origin.

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I dont have the marbles i had as a child in the early seventies but i remember having what i presume were japanese cats and some allreds not sure what happened to them when i grew out of playing marbles

Then around 5 years ago i got into collecting antique bottles which led me to poking around old homes and vacant land were the older home had been demolished and i started finding the odd mib in trash holes and picking up a few benningtons of the surface after rain along with the occasional penny and assorted coins

Which got me to thinking that there must be huge amounts of lost items in the soil and one arvo after work whilst picking up my daughter from child care i spied a big air conditioner grill with 5mm holes in the bin out front they were having renovations so into the back of the truck with it and now when digging any were i sieve the soil

This is one of the first Marbles i found, and at the time i had never seen any thing like it although in my eyes its in collectable condition at best I still reckon its a real beauty ive found better mibs since and see better every day on the forums but i have no trouble picking it out of the bunch i have laid out ;)

Craig C





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Wow, this photos took several attempts... i even had to use a tripod to get some good photos of the marble... Thats one of my favourite contemporarys, made by Steve Maslach, i bought that from marblebert. Imho, this is the closest to perfect marble i have. Even the pontils look symmetrical! Steve Maslachs skills in marblemaking were real great! Too bad he doesnt make them anymore




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This was the one the got me hooked... I was online hunting for Vaseline glass to add to my collection and this beautiful marble came up during the search. After admiring the beautiful colors and amazing pattern, I added it to my favorites... I knew nothing about marbles, but just found this one too pretty to ignore. After a couple days, I finally decided to buy it. However, I was very hesitant to pay $15 for one marble. LOL... Today I know that was an EXCELLENT find, and by far it is one of my favorites!


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well for sure I remember it is like the first girl you walked home and even held hands , so as far as marbles not when I was a kid but my first marbles were even before I collected them so it would in 1983 at the Iola car show last row , it was 3 coffee cans full .

Then after I became addicted and that was right after being told what I still had left from the coffee cans, but I bought my first and second marble at the Ottawa marble show when it was held at the glass workers union hall in Ottawa . The first marbles was from 2dollar Bill or Bill Parks , I was so unbelievable excited with every thing. I remember asking what is this called and Bills answer was I do not know but it sure is pretty . I was a lot of years before I even meet Bill again but then he was at every show . Bill has now pass away .



So at the same show there was John Hammon Miller in a tall black hat making marbles right in the show , well I was watching and asked how many colors can I have and he said as many as you want , well I just had to have one ,and brought it home with me watch it being made and when done just put in sand ? or something and said come back in a while . well I still have them both and in the cabinets . I am sure I bought others that day but can not remember . Mike








also what about a first marble made . any guesses on who helped me it was 1999 .



both were signed one he put my name on and the smaller with his , should be some what easy as who signed all of his work in and before 1999 .

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Geesh, Mike, it seems pretty clear from your photos

that you could quit any time you wanted to! :rolleye-842:

Thanks, Stefan, for the larger pictures.

It's just one hell of a marble.

It is too bad he's no longer making them,

but glad you got one when you could! ( :

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