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Hi everyone. My name is Andy, and I reside near Amarillo, Texas. I am quite possibly the newest member and greenest collector on here! I am 27 years old and began collecting depression, vaseline, and victorian glass pieces a few years ago.... That is up until about October or 2012, when I came across a beautiful little Joseph's Coat Handmade swirl.... I purchased the little beauty and was instantly hooked on marbles! I've kind of put all other collecting aside as I have become obsessed with these little works of art! I have a decent collection of handmades from clambroths to micas, and gooseberries to latticinos... But within the past few months I've dived head first into machine mades... I love them... Though I have LOTS to learn, I would like to say, this site has been so extremely helpful with my new hobby/love... I have learned so much from all of the seasoned collectors!

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Sound like good choices to me!

It was definitely Pelts that got me into this mess.

I don't know much at all about Marble Kings.

They don't seem to come up as topics that often.

I don't know why. The few I've seen have a

terrific look to them that's all their own.

Here's the best Peltier photo I've ever taken, imho.

No aggression intended. Pelts are probably my favorite.

Just trying to be outrageous. ( :


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Welcome to the site. I love old art glass, especially Czech and Mt Washington and Cased glass from the '50's. I love the solid bright colors of the cased glass contrasting with the white interiors. I had a collection of over 140 all displayed in a black and white kitchen on white shelves with black edges.....until someone broke into my house and stole over half of my pieces....all of the best ones of course. Of all the machine made marbles I love the akro's the best. Pelts come in a close second and then Christianson. I've been here for under a year now although I've loved marbles for 25 years... and these guys are great !!!! Vicki

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Slingshots and marbles. Huh!

Obviously a perfect combination, but hadn't thought about it.

In New York City we didn't really have slingshots, since the

ridiculous population density didn't allow for things that could

be considered weapons.

Even if you were only interested in target practice.

But what a thought if you consider the wide-open spaces of

the entire country! There must have been a gazillion marbles

lost to this irresistible practice! ( :

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Hey Vicki!

It made me sad to hear about your loss.

It's bad enough to have someone steal your money,

but when it's something that's an expression of you,

it's just such a personal violation that it can't be described.

The contrast of the black and white with the colors

sounds wonderful. Hope you're re-building! (?)

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