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Weekend Finds


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Hubby and I hit a few sales this weekend and found some nice marbles. The busted up 3/4" bricks break my heart! Only got one decent one and it's the smallest..figures! Two nice small germans in good shape, 2 pretty wet looking slags, 1 common white based cork, and a really gorgeous Alley...the find of the day! 21/32nds, really great shape and beautiful shade variations in both the green and the creamy yellow...small price tag too...24.00. There were about 20 or so more marbles but they were so beat up..not even good enough for my "auction jars" (what I don't keep I save up then take to a local sale to recoup a bit of $). The weather here was nice and we had a great day driving around to several sales...waiting on 4-6" overnight and into tomorrow...darn that Groundhog :angry2:




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I forgot to mention the pee wee peppermints! One is near perfect the other has a large-ish but shallow chip; they both have a wet looking surface overall.

Nice find! I think a true peewee peppermint (1/2" or less) is exceedingly rare. Can't remember having seen more than a couple, in total.

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My husband measured them with the calipers and then we put them through the hole template...they are 1/2", perhaps a tad more, if you measure them from pontil to pontil vs from side to side..those hand mades are not exactly round!

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"...perhaps a tad more..."

O M G !!!

Now all heck is going to break loose around here about the definition of a peewee.

Well, probably not. It's been covered pretty well.

But thanks for bringing up the 'pontil concept'.

That's an interesting twist!

The most informative post I remember regarding the 'peewee wars' was one where

someone showed factory specifications regarding 'size' tolerances in terms of the

final product. For me, this proved conclusively that a marble slightly bigger than

half an inch can absolutely be designated as a peewee if the factory did so.

Thanks very much to that original poster, and please speak up if you're here!

Don't remember if I mentioned Bel Air before.

I worked there for a few months several years ago.

It was a bit of a commute from Annapolis, but I really enjoyed it.

What a great place! You guys are lucky to live there! ( :

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