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Question About Remelts

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Heard (at least 20 years ago) a guy by the name of TC Robertson (http://www.dvsglass.com/) over-fired a bunch of sulphide marbles which were sent to him for restoration. A collection of figures and melted glass was all that was left in the bottom of his kiln. He proceeded to pick up each figure and enclosed it in glass, remaking the marbles practically from scratch.

Then again, I've also heard sulphide marbles can blow up when reheated.


(not a glass worker)

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My understanding the figurine was dipped into a crucible of clear glass. This usually causes a small bubble of air around the figurine. Sometimes this air gets moved and trapped as a big bubble of air. I have been able to get the glass very thin near the bubble but not exposing the figurine to room temperature air and getting it to pop and go away, then getting the glass to center the figurine.

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When I made a couple sulphide paperweights I did it by...

pre heating the figure on a poker in the glory hole, as the figure was heating I gathered a medium amount of glass on a punty then inserted (stuffed) the figure into the glass and then back to the glory hole to re-heat the glass to around 2000' and close the spot where I pushed in the figure in, then cased again and continued with color/decoration etc.

I found when the figure is pre heated to about 2000' (about 200' hotter than the glass) it left little if any bubble on or near the figure, just a nice silvery surface of air trapped at the surface of the figure, a colder figure would hold air and when exposed to the hotter glass it would grow a large bubble in just about any direction around the figure.

Hotter figure better result, the figures were made of high fire porcelain, I've also seen zircar used for the figures, I never tried it but the technique would be the same.

Ray Laubs is probably the best modern sulphide maker, I learned a lot from him.

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