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Ebay Id Themarbleconnection

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Do you have an example of one of their auctions?

I thought I knew who it might be but if they've had that name since Feb-27-01 like their ID history on ebay says, then they're probably not who I was thinking of.

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No, they only show as a buyer for the last 90 days.

They won an auction

2 weeks later the seller, whom is new to ebay, requested their contact info and called them ( I told him randomly calling people off of ebay would freak people out as that is how I got to know him. He called me to thank me for the purchase )

The guy said he had been busy and forgotten but was concerned that the marbles had not arrived.

He told the guy he did not mail marbles until paid and ...the buyer got upset.

Buyer wrong, 100% on so many levels.

I explained that after 4 days he should send a reminder using ebays reminder assit option.

On the 5th evening open a UPI case. 4 days later, if no payment, close the case,take the credit and the free relist and add them to the blocked list. I have just email him links to the blocked list as well as my list to cut and paste to his

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