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Akro Question

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I just received marble mail from the UK, which contained Euro-swirls, Euro wirepulls, and some pastel Master-like marbles.

But there was one corkscrew, orange on opaque white, but thin line of clear on the lower edge of the orange. It is not damaged, chipped (maybe a few sparklers), and glass surface is wet mint, with no surface striations of dug marbles. Sorry, no photos, but you cannot really see the out of round, but certainly can feel it when you roll it in your fingers. (FWIW, every marble received was out of round, some more than others, as to be 'expected' from older Euros).

what drew my attention most was that it was out-of-round; not ovate, or dug, just the lumpy wadded up gum sort of out of round all over feel to it. This struck me as odd, because of all the older companies, Akro strikes me as one with very high standards of quality. Their advertising "straight as A Kro flies" and other ad wording strikes me (pun intended) that their brand was known for being top notch, competition quality, round, perfectly round marbles.

so here is the question:

Does anyone have very lumpy, out of round Akro corkscrew? (one that has not been dug) Or, perhaps other theories on why this seems sort lumpy?

Just curious if Euro corks exist...



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They were purchased from eBay international - from the UK. Two lots - one of all European wirepulls, the other of swirls and mixed lots - master like pastels and master-like (not quite sparklers). This was the odd ball. I had also thought polished, but why bother for simple marbles... I can see the idea of polishing Sulphides, or CACs, but an orange on white cork?

they also look like some were sitting in water, with rust rings. If polished, that would be gone.

If in a fire, I'd think the lumpiness would be more uniform, like a scoop of ice cream melted.

My marble-taking photo skills are lacking - looking at an in-focus cork from 4 feet away, does not show features relevant; nor does close but blurry images. Someday, I'll figure out how to set macro mode.

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