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I've only seen a small amount of Peltier cullet and it was for slags, as for Akro cullet I've seen a bit for just about every marble known, now when it comes to CA, that is a tough one, I've had many pounds of it over the years and seen all the colors in the well known marbles including blue, green and clear Guineas, green based Submarines and clear based Cyclones and Cobra's but not one speck of exotic cullet, that statement caused a hell of a stir a few years ago but I still hold firm on my belief based on archeological evidence.

JMHO :character-smileys-238:

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i see all these cullets but i haven't seen any for the elite marbles such as blue galaxy golden rebel submarines cobra. sand layers... i was wondering if these used every last bit or the cullets are just as hard to find as the marbles.....

As far as cullet goes, I think it relates directly to how much or how little digging has been done factory sites . . .

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