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A New Akro Competition - What Do The Numbers Stand For?

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This was on eBay almost 10 years ago. All the seller could tell me was "It was an estate sale, the old man of course had died so we can't tell you anything beyond that it was in Northern Michigan up near Traverse City at a place called Clam River (which is a fairly wealthy older settlement) "

Some of the smaller marbles may not be original. All the larger marbles are probably original to the box.

Question is, what do the numbers stand for, and what marbles should be in the column marked "No.39".


Underneath the wooden header, a secret cavity was carved for a pocket knife.


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Hansel, forgot to add, the numbers would have been used by the sales man to place the order into the Akro Agate Co. from the prospective buyer. EI: Give me a half dozen of # 54, a dozen #40 etc, etc, and send them to Henry's general store blah, blah, blah, Ronnie

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Are the ones in the 40 column and 50 column 5/8"?

And the ones in the 42 column and 42 column 3/4"?

... that 39 column messes things up, doesn't it!

Yup. Pretty smart, especially since I did not give you any clues re. sizes.

The prefix '5' probably signifies Moss Agate and '4' Royals. The second number denotes the size.

So 56 would be a one inch moss agate and 41 an 11/16" royal.

Don't know what '3' of 39 would be. But the '9' would be 9/16". (Albright uses a similar (but different) system)

Michael Johnson once told me the most common 9/16" Akro was a Chinese Checker marble.

When was the first Chinese Checker type marble produced, and does it fit into the moss agate/royals time frame?

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I like it that for protection the person whittled out a section for a knife.

Was it common for wood inserts (instead of cardboard)?

Knife had any use, evidence of makers mark or sharpening?

Seems odd that a kid playing marbles would have brought out an entire display box box, with a hidden knife to dig out. Throwing a 1"er would be quicker

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Never seen another with a wooden header. The Akro No.25 box and No.15 box (the red boxes of slags with a top cellophane window) have metal inserts to hold the marbles.

No obvious ID marks on the knife.

Think the knife has had some use - I'll recheck next time I get the box out and will let you know if otherwise.

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Hansel I think they would be just like the others as if you put them in the right order and then mic them up that would tell more the very smallest most likely were hard to make / sell so they just took them out , but I would think they matched the others , if we had all the sizes then I am sure every one would look with a mic ?? very nice and I did save the pics thanks . Mike



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