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Champion Marbles And Marble King Marbles

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Would it be fair to say these are really Peltier marble boxes? Just as we call some Gropper boxes Peltier?

Did Berry Pink Inc. have their marbles packed at the Peltier factory, much like Gropper did?

From: http://www.marblekingusa.com/History.html

The King is Crowned...

Berry Pink and Sellers Peltier founded Marble King in 1949. Pink was a successful businessman and loved to interact with children. The marbles sold under the Marble King header in the 30's and early 40's were actually manufactured by Peltier Glass. By the late 1940's, Pink was selling more marbles than Peltier could produce. They joined forces and formed another manufacturing facility in which Pink held the majority of shares. Berry Pink traveled throughout the country hosting marble tournaments and giving away several marbles at each stop. He became known as "The Marble King". That's how the company got its name when it was founded in December 1949.

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