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Navarre Say Navarre


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Expanding this to all Leighton ... with this little clip which appears to have been a goal which didn't happen.


If I'm not mistaken, this is the year Leighton opened the Navarre plant.

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Very cool.

And without Leighton's help, would Martin Christensen have been able to make marbles? Or Akro? Marble history would have looked very different without him.

Do we know what made him think to get into marbles in the first place?

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Hansel, Those thing's are a work of art. Ronnie


I doubt production marble makers were considered artists. Although prettier than the "homely and unbecoming" marbles previously available, these marbles were also made for kids to beat up. Factory workers banged them out, probably with little thought other than getting the job done as quickly as possible. If they were common, I doubt you'd consider them works of art.

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The figure of speech "flying trip" has been around since at least the early 1800's. Thomas Jefferson made mention of someone taking a flying trip in 1806. ( :

ETA: George Washington made plans for a flying trip in 1795.

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