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When Did Peltier Shift From So-Called Nlrs To Rainbos?


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Mike once said that Acme Realers may have stopped being made in 1936. Would that correspond with a transition time to a new style of marble?

That date fits with time frames mentioned in two articles about Berry Pink.

A January 28, 1941 newspaper filler article says that 4 years earlier he had the idea to recycle milk bottles and cold cream jars into marbles.

A July 1939 Pic article says that he got his idea 3 years earlier.

Both pieces (found in posts 1 and 12 here) have some humor in them such as the suggestion that Pink was able to melt glass at home ... but maybe they do correspond with the date when Peltier switched from batch glass to cullet. Yes?

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Those #6 boxes were there worst seller so maybe with those?? That box with the NLRs in it has to be late 31 at least because that was the time they split from Gropper. That late 30s time period is looking real good. I believe there are also versions of the small cutout boxes that say National on them in some way that had early "Rainbo" types in them.

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