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I found this marble listing on eBay today, and last Friday I purchased a shooter with the exact colors but the ribbons are more predominant on mine... Just being lazy and haven't taken pics yet.

Anyways, they have it identified as a mint chocolate but I don't think so... Mine, like this, is a muddy tan base like that on angels with bright teal ribbons. Thoughts?


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How do muddies rank on the peltier scale? Common or hard to find? I haven't really seen too many with this color base. And are they are very desirable pelt.... They are pretty ugly when compared to the NLR's and other more brightly colored pelts.

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Muddies are absolutely beautiful!

(Although I suppose I could understand them being a "love 'em or hate 'em" sort of thing.) :)

My war-horse Muddy shooters in the last photo are two of my favorite marbles.




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