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Roughly How Many Colored Glass Cateyes Here.

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33-34? Or if you mean 'color-based', maybe 1?

I'm not sure of the correct terminology for cateyes.

With sulphides, a colored glass sulphide implies the transparent glass is colored.

If the internal figure is colored, it's a painted sulphide.

If someone said to me the base of a sulphide was colored, I would think that would be describing part of the figure.

In a hand made, colored glass swirl, the transparent matrix is colored.

OTOH, with opaque marbles, the word 'base' describes the matrix, and I suppose that's the way you're using the term 'color-based' in cateyes, to describe the color of the matrix.

So yes, using your terminology, my question is how many cateyes on the board have a color (transparent) base?

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Actually, despite the seller saying about half the marbles have a colored base glass, none do. (The dark, smaller one is not a cateye)

To me, the base glass in some of the board marbles look as colored as the amber base marbles in Steph's photo.

What are you seeing that tells you the color is a reflection and not in the base?

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I am not sure I can explain other than to say I have handled thousands of cat's eyes and the only one (other than that dark one) which I thought might be in green glass is bottom row center.

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I have blue one and MK red one from the dump.

It's also gonna be how you classify a cateye. Some that we may not think of as cats, but are built the same way. Ie. pelt rainbo. Opening a can of "cats" by doing this. Here is a pic (not mine) of some pelt cross thrus. They are constructed just like cats.


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Hansel,That blue cat's eye om the board looks a colored base??

Almost all my cat's have a clear base.

I've a few colored based ones,blue and light blue--green and light green,and brownish caramel.

here's a green base and a blue base.



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Galen, I was going with a base color. Usually transparent and 4 inside ribbons that usually meet in middle. Looks alone. I know cats can have more veins/ribbons. This would be like the pelt cross thru's. and MK cats. Plus to just muddle it up further. Think of the opaque base with 4 ribbons. It's very similar.

OK back to you Hansel.

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I have two of the "Windex" blue Vitro caged cats, and one of the yellow Pelt bananas in amber/yellow glass that Alan was selling a while ago. And a few of those Anacortes pink-peach-apricot-based horseshoe cats. Other than that, the only variation from colorless that I've seen I don't really count -- that tint of blue or green that some call bottle glass.

Winnie, those are great green and blue ones! And the more I look at it, the more I like that amber one . . .

And Clyde -- do you have a pic of the MK red one? Must be stunning - - -

Hansel -- I would have guessed that only two of the board cats were color-based. Not surprised to hear that none were, though . . .

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