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A Traditional Game-Show Challenge!


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I'm watching a segment from the series 'Pioneers of Television'.

This one is titled 'Game Shows', so of course Merv Griffin comes up.

When they get to talking about Wheel of Fortune, at some point

they show this image. It doesn't connect with anything that's being

said at the moment. There's no clue whatsoever. I guess they just

wanted a random screen shot from the show.

So this is the greatest 'Wheel' challenge ever! What is it?

(I have no idea.) :icon_popcorn:


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You? How about old Lower East Side Bob?! :blush:

Great answers, Ric and Gary!

Without having more data to work with,

I'd say Mets and City are both winners! ( :

Can't take any credit at this point, but guess 'Jets' would work too.

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