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Normally $19.95! Free To Tmc!


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Edit-- (Sunday! Drinking beer! And I'm about to go on endlessly about cooking

an egg! Please save for later or skip entirely if you're not in the mood!)

Yes Friends!

I'm here today to tell you about a cooking revolution!

And 'revelation' for that matter!

It's the amazing new "Egg-Bobber"!

A 'must have' for the modern kitchen!

So anyway, that's what my late-night commercials

are going to sound like in the near-future.

But even before I make my million dollars, I'm going

to show you how you can do this yourself.

(I just care about my TMC friends so much!)

Okay, I've been trying to be funny here.

But seriously, if you've never tried anything along these lines,

you'll be surprised at what a perfect egg you can prepare.

Cut off the end of an open can.

(Whatever method you use, be careful!)

File everything down smoothly, so you don't hurt yourself in the

next step, which is to rub some butter on the can's inner wall.

Place the piece of can in the center of your frying pan, with the

'factory seam' edge face-down on the pan.

Pre-heat the pan at a fairly low heat for a good five minutes.

(This will make things more consistent, so you'll be able to

'fine-tune' your cooking time to get the perfect egg for you!)

Now it's time to drop an "I have no discipline!" amount of butter in the can.

Let that heat another minute while you prepare your timer.

I set mine for two minutes, but that's for a hot but slightly runny yoke.

Adjust your time accordingly. The great thing about this technique is

that the white and yoke stay in perfect balance regardless of the

overall 'doneness' you prefer. By combining frying and steaming

techniques, and compressing the egg's 'fingerprint', neither part of the

egg is over or under 'done'. And it has that great McDonald's 'look'!

Carefully drop in your egg, and cover the can with a small plate.

Start timer. When done, twist the can back and forth, then lift.

Carefully scoop up your perfect egg. :)


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I was hoping no one would notice that slight omission! :lol:

Only had one egg in the fridge today, and while I realized that a

photo of the beautiful finished product would be a plus, I had to

balance that with the realization that by the time I took a photo

the egg would be somewhat less than 'good eats'. The precision

and perfection of this process can spoil you!

If any of you wind up wanting the 'commercial' version of this product,

I have a special offer for TMC people! I'll send you a second

Egg-Bobber for no additional cost! (Just add extra postage and handling.)

I don't think anyone has ever made an offer like that in the history of sales! :rolleyes:

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