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If You're Having Trouble Posting Links Or Images Please Describe

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A few people have said they can't post links or images. I tried to replicate the problem but things are working okay on my end.

If you are having trouble and could tell which browser you're using and tell a little about what glitch you're observing that might help us help tech support see what they need to do.


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windows 7, ie 10. or google..

I get the box pop up to add the url for the pic. and the box freezes. try to X off the box, and it asks if I wish to close as options have changed. you can click yes all ya want. it doesn't close, it won't post and I have to leave the page to get out! does the same thing for a link. it worked last week. :-(

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Zaboo said-

"still can't get a picture to post.. a few times using a different browser, but still the same freezing up crap.:-("

Same stuff for me. Everything freezes up solid and nothing will respond.

I have to open a new tab and start again.


Like this, only the basics- no full size pictures that's for sure.

No solutions ?

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There have been a few changes to the board software to try and fix these issues.

Please try again but before trying please do the following:

"those effected should either clear their browser cache or if preferred hard refresh (CTRL+F5 on a Windows machine) the posting screen. Its best they do this on that actual page to ensure it is 'fresh'

Let me know if the problem continues.


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