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The Show Off Your Jabos & D M's And No One Say Anything Negative Thread!

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 Steph yes that was the original lawn chair where the metal came from for the lawn chair marbles. I was there and did some of the hacksaw work. I should have took what was left of the lawn chair. More hindsight.  

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The new Moon Dogs are pretty.  Got 'em in the mail today.  Forgot to check the mail until after dark.  And even in the dim light the lutz popped out at me.

But the battery ran out on my camera and I don't know where my charger is!  

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I didn't get any good external silver swirls in a whole case, so I had to buy a couple of special ones separate from my case. Bummer, but that's ok.   The silver swirls with lutz swirls are truly rare I guess.  I was able to obtain 2 examples with the silver bits on the inside of the marble (not confettis) and one of them also has a nice internal lutz swirl.  That being said, my favorites are some of those simpler transparent ones from this run.  I love the lutz swirls and hate the confettis, but still want examples of all the different confetti combinations.  Internal lutz swirls are still so cool...and extremely rare in this run.

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Well, I wanted to get outside and get some sunlight pix  -- I know people like "natural" -- but I'm dragging my feet, and I do like the bright colors from a flash photo. 

Voila!   DAS F.A.B.B. Coastal   .... I have a date of Sept. 6, 2017 .... but I made the mistake of looking online and I'm seeing different dates :dunno:  


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The first Joker run of May 2008 produced a lot of marbles that I love, but one of my absolute faves is the one that I dubbed the Killer Miller, both for its aventurine and its incredibly busy pattern that was so reminiscent of the early Peltiers. Its still a favorite (I just love green and orange together) and, I think, a really underrated marble.



This box has the Joker I run pretty much from start to finish...the second marble down in the first row was part of first batch off; the second marble down in the second row was the last batch off, kind of a Miami Dolphin marble with oxblood, another favorite. Some examples in hand are knockouts ( such as the last marble in the first row.)



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Okay, how to classify these?

Marbles from Linda Moore Simmons and Edna Eaton from various runs headed by Dave.

These samples were made while at Mark Matthews' this past October 2017.

Brett Young and Larry Zengel (Hot House Glass) did the gathering.

Rounded in the Shamrock Mark II marble machine.

Marbles range from 1.28" to 1.34" diameter.

The one run I can identify as "Wonder Woman" 10/01/2013.

For reference, the three small marbles are 0.59" diameter and the large marble is 1.32" diameter.


John McCormick



New info:

Top Row of three:

D.A.S. "True North" Marble Run, 09/29/2014.

Bottom Row Left:

"Wonder Woman", 10/01/2013.

Bottom Row Middle and Right:

"The Marble Buddies" Sistersville Marble Run at Sammy's Mountain Marbles, 09/25/2012.

Thanks Linda!

Edited by Shamrock Marbles
Updated marble IDs.
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It's a beautiful day!  Cold and windy actually -- but there's sunlight for my brand new DAS Comanche Moon marbles.  (Made on February 14.)   They have some gentle UV glow -- not easy to picture, but it probably kicked the sunlight photos up a notch.  




So much color ... how do you choose who gets a close-up?


The pretty pink is reminding me I still have to learn more about how to use my camera -- because it's really a pretty lavender in hand.  :P   .


Got some lutz



The ox on clear are called the Comanche Moon Cobra :)



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