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The Show Off Your Jabos & D M's And No One Say Anything Negative Thread!

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That is so cool. I don't remember seeing one of those.

There's always been something special about that run.

If you poke them in the ribs a couple times, even people that

hate JABO(s) will eventually mumble something along the lines of

"Well......I don't know.....I guess some of those Mansions aren't so bad....." :P

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I like this What A Tribute 1" JABO because of the way the colors blend and it incorporates a lutz swirl (and possibly a little bit of JABO oxblood). It does all of this within the classic JABO single fold structure and yet the very simple pattern of the fold is what makes it so cool. Stacked blended JABOs like this are one of the many reasons I really like JABOs.

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This Rainbow silver oxblood type is another example of a style of JABO I like very much. It's JABO's version of an auger with oxblood horsehair. The pair of purple Odysseys are fantastic for their JABO style flames incorporated with unique JABO shades of colors. I am celebrating 3 years in the hobby today and am still as gaga for JABOs as I was 3 years ago upon discovering them.

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