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The Show Off Your Jabos & D M's And No One Say Anything Negative Thread!

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:thup: Is that a lutzy drizzle in the right center?

I saw one lutzy thread in mine -- in the middle of a ribbon of oxblood --  and was thinking I better try to get a picture of that.  

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Oh gosh and ha!
I've always thought the overall concept and title of the TSOYJADMANOSANT
thread was one of the best ever!  I'm not sure why I haven't been here for a while.  dunno.gif

Great marbles here from everyone as always!
I'm cracking up about the 'moderator mind-reading' because I was just looking at the
'I have a new camera' post and thinking about maybe saving the photo and seeing
if the EXIF data was in it to show me what camera it was.  But then I read the next
two messages where you guys saved me the trouble!  :lol:

Oh shoot.  Do we now no longer have 'post numbers'?
One of these evenings I'll probably complain loudly about that, but not now.
(I still apologize in advance.)  :blush:

Although in most cases I'd rather refer to a post number than re-post someone's photo,
since I'm late in responding I guess it won't be as bad as my pet-peeve about seeing
immediate copies of photos from the previous message. So I'm going to try to copy and
paste the two photos I'm feeling like responding to, bdiwpye.
(That last word(?) is only there to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition.)  :rolleyes:


I think these are way beyond "alright"!  Although most of them are at least a little fancier, they remind me of some of the earliest JABOs
which were so striking in spite of their simplicity of design.  Similar to Pelt Baseballs in a way I can't quite explain other than to say that
some marbles could be more 'outrageous', but wouldn't be as good if they were.


Looks like you and the new camera are working really well together!  This shot is a 'textbook' example of a good marble photo.  (And of course
it doesn't hurt that this marble would probably still look pretty good even in a bad photo.) 

The 'background' is the big clue here.  Although there're many aspects to a good marble photo, focusing close-up is most people's biggest
problem.  The way the background is in perfect focus at the very bottom of this photo, and slowly blurs and eventually turns into complete
'nothing' as you get to the top, is a good indication that the focus is also on the closest part of the marble, which is exactly where it should be.
When you see marble photos where the background is completely in focus, it's almost a sure bet that the marble is blurrier than it should be.
I apologize if I'm telling you things you already know.  Just wanted to put this great example 'on the record' for everyone.

Going to add a Nikon link to your new camera in case anyone's interested.  Although they're emphasizing that totally insane 83x zoom range
which doesn't really apply to marbles, you've shown here that this camera can also be really good with tricky close-up shots in the right hands.
And that zoom range is certainly a wonderful thing to have in terms of being 'ready for anything'!  ( :




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DAS, the Warnelis Trophy Run, 5/31/16

Cannot do these justice.  Sometimes you need more sunlight to bring out the colors.  These are pretty in the sunlight but even prettier in the dimlight  ... like a goblet of brandy.    



Except you need to bring it into the light to see the lutz -- you may be able to see a spray on the bottom row, 2nd from the right. 

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