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The Show Off Your Jabos & D M's And No One Say Anything Negative Thread!

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Here's a pic on a different background, which give a hint of how different these Last Dances can look depending on the lighting.  Good lighting and "pop".  Ordinary lighting and "meh".  And this pic even had flash on it and still much is missed.  They were quite a dark run and in ordinary you miss out on more.  



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3 hours ago, Steph said:

Next up in my sort is lusters from around 2004 .... but it's gonna take me awhile to figure out how to capture the gloss.  


I just found out something neat about "my" lusters -- "my" in quotes because they actually belong to a friend and I'm selling them for her.  I have some Chinese Jabos.  Remember when some 1" Chinese marbles were mixed in with 1" Jabos?  Well, these are even better than that.  Five cases of 5/8" marbles were accidentally shipped from China to Jabo with an order of some other items.  Well, Jabo didn't let the marbles go to waste.  They put 'em in with the Classics and lustered them all up. So my friend and I have a mix of glossy Chinese marbles and glossy Classics.  

But I can't post the picture I took because the flash stripped the gloss right off and so I am gonna try something different tomorrow.  Maybe find one hour of sunlight some time during the day ... if at all possible ... might have to wait until the next day ... more rain predicted tomorrow. 

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Yes! The red and yellow.  I went to the source.  Solved another mystery for Dave, too. lol. He remembered the shipment of marbles coming in but didn't know what guys on the floor had ultimately done with them.  Now we know. :)  

Now to see if I can photograph them.  Maybe the overcast day will work to my advantage.  

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There needs to be an "everything including the kitchen sink" run. There will be lutz and other metallic swirls in there along with the oxblood and aventurine.  All kinds of various fritts will be sprinkled all over them and they will also receive the chemical lustre treatment on top of that.  I am talking all in/on the same marble.  It will look horrible, but that doesn't matter.  Lutz swirls that have been confettied are few and far between and I can only think of one run that had marbles with both lutz swirls and metallic swirls in the same marble so far.

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