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A Photo I Didn't Take For Discussion


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I didn't have anything particularly interesting interesting to say tonight.

(And thanks a lot to those who are now saying "What else is new, Bob?")

So I went to my 'temporary folder' to see if I could find something.

(It's where I store anything that I think might have future potential.)

This is one of the greatest 'portraits' I've ever seen.

Bam! I said it! I'm starting to remember that I thought this same thing

when I first saw it. Think I filed it so I could look at it again later, just

to make sure I wasn't drunk the first time.

If this was my daughter, I'd want this photo so much more than having

her 'made-up' excessively and in some traditional pose where the

photographer makes sure to tell her to "show some teeth with that smile!"

(If she looks familiar, this is one of the young actresses

from the 'Modern Family' television series.)


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Thanks, guys! I was beginning to think this might be one of

those posts that get no responses and leaves me worrying why.

Looks like Ric's right. I had no idea.

I'm probably sort of pre-biased toward this photo, what with its

photography motif and the beautifully done black and white.

But my immediate feeling was sort of a 'Mona Lisa' thing.

Which I guess is kind of what Ric saw too. ( :

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