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Marbles In Modern American English Usage

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Geesh, what an uptight-sounding title!

I'll be sure to name my next post something like "(Insert breaking wind sound here)"!

Here's another example of marbles' staying-power and permeation of society.

From the 1993 movie 'Rookie of the Year', here's John Candy, who's nowhere to be

seen in the credits but I'd bet good money it's him. He's a very excited stadium-announcer

at Wrigley Field, as the Cubs have one final chance to advance to the World Series.

(Read the dialogue as if it's all in capitals with lots of exclamation points.)

This is for the whole magilla,

for the whole ball of wax,

for the whole kit and kaboodle,

for the whole enchilada,

the whole shooting match!


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